Tuesday, January 4, 2011

PRE-ORDER: BOSCH Kitchen Machine MUM4405

This BOSCH kitchen machine is one of the famous kitchen machine that is widely sold in Germany and around the world. It is not just a stand mixer but you can add more accessories to turn it to be blender, meat grinder, slicer, food processor even ice-cream maker (these accessories are sold separately).  I have this set on my own and in my personal view, I really like this kitchen machine as the mixer runs smoothly with quiet motor operated. It makes baking more fun!! It´s a cheaper option in comparison with Kitchen Aid or Kenwood in it´s own class.

Product data

500-watt motor
4 gears / speed work, park position
Multifunction with 3 drives at different positions
Plastic bowl for up to 1 kg of flour + ingredients (max. dough 2,7 kg) including transparent blue Splash guard with Pour Spout
Kneading dough deflector with, impact and whisk
Recipe book
Cord storage
Cover for 2 optional drives
Easy to clean
Accessories provided as per photo
High security with overload protection
Expandable with extra individual accessories* (blender, slicer, meat grinder, etc) 

Here is a video from Youtube for to see how BOSCH universal mixer functions:

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  1. kita suka yg ini.. yg ini.. yg ini.. wah, cakap gema lak dia kan kan kan..

    by the way, is it as good as kenwood waima kitchen aid?

    tengah kumpul for one of those, but if this one is as good, might as well i jatuh cinta dgn yg ini..

    as for furla.. :(, masih tak mampulah, heheheee

  2. K.dalia, thanks for coming here!

    Well, nak compare apple to apple ngan kitchen aid ataupun kenwood pro tu mmg tak boleh la sbb those are the expensive type with stainless steel structure and better-looking design.

    For me, this bosch is to cater those with small budget but want reliable standmixer with high power rated motor and last long. Sy tak penah guna kitchen aid or kenwood, so cant really tell whether this mixer as good as those but now sy dah guna for about 6 months, i really love it.

    I made review about this mixer in my cooking blog. Boleh baca kat sini:


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